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Tarnishing Solutions


The Problem Of Silver Tarnishing

Yes silver will tarnish if exposed to damp areas for a long time.The good news is that silver can be polished to restore its shine.

Most of our Jewelry have a Gold overlay to prevent this problem. In the description of a listing it is indicated as : 14K White Gold on Sterling Silver.

The most common problem is with Silver rings that react to sweating and it causes a chemical reaction with some people. One option is to coat the inside of the ring with clear Nail Polish. This can also be used for coating earrings settings for those who have allergies.

Avoid wearing non coated Silver Jewelry in the rain and neve wear Jewelry in a swimming pool.

Tip on how to clean silver: place your item in a jar or bowl with a stip of aluminum foil and one teaspoon of baking soda.Sounds crazy but it works.

You can also use a anti-tarnishing cloths or anti tarnish Liquid Blocker. Available on Ebay - Amazon.

 We use this and it works great

Another Option is to have a Gold Coating applied to the silver.

Yellow Gold Coating Option 

                 Sterling Silver Ring                          Antique Gold

A layer of 24 K Yellow gold is applied to the silver. Presently white gold is not available. Offered bu Landeau Ottawa.