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2.40 Ct White MN Engagement Ring 925 Sterling Silver - 7
Engagement Ring
Engagement Ring
Engagement Ring
2.40 Ct White Diamond Engagement Ring 925 Sterling Silver

2.40 Ct White Diamond Engagement Ring 925 Sterling Silver

Landeau Jewelery

Price $589.95 $389.95 Sale Price

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2.81 ct Sparkling White Diamond &  Accent Silver Ring
Moissanite Diamonds Sparkle more than Regular Diamonds 
Ring Size : 8 US
SETTING:  925 Sterling Silver
GEM:  DIAMOND  ( Moissanite ) Center Stone 2.0 ct  
Other Gems: Diamonds ( Moissanite ) .40 
COLOR GEMS :   White 
ORIGIN GEMS:  Lab Created
Discover The Beauty Of Moissanite

Boasting fire, brilliance, and sparkles more than any gemstone on earth. MN unique gemstone composition and crystalline structure give it significantly greater brilliance.

Just like diamond, Moissanite is scratch resistant and will never fade, cloud or change colour after prolonged wear.

An alternative to expensive diamonds that cost much more yet no one can tell the difference. 
No worries about insurance, losing it when travelling or theft.

Gemologists accept MN as a Diamond the only difference it is man made.
The human genius has been able to match mother nature.