24ct Sky Blue Topaz - CZ Silver Necklace
24ct Sky Blue Topaz - CZ Silver Necklace
24ct Sky Blue Topaz - CZ Silver Necklace
24ct Sky Blue Topaz - CZ Silver Necklace
24ct Sky Blue Topaz - CZ Silver Necklace

24ct Sky Blue Topaz - CZ Silver Necklace

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In its pure form it is colorless (white). Impurities are what cause variations in color.
Topaz exhibits pleochroism, which is the appearance of several colors in a single stone depending on the viewing angle. 
Topaz is often enhanced with treatment to produce the most desirable colors. The most popular color for topaz is blue, but in nature, blue topaz is usually pale blue rather than bright or deep blue. The brilliant blue shades of topaz are usually achieved by artificial means.
Deposits of topaz have been found in Brazil, Afghanistan, Australia, Myanmar (Burma), China, Germany, Japan, Madagascar, Mexico, Namibia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Ukraine and the USA. Natural light-blue topaz is found in Northern Ireland and the UK.
Topaz ranges from colorless (white) to yellow, orange, red-brown, light to dark-blue, pink to red, violet and light-green.
 The most rare and valuable topaz is yellow, or pink to reddish-orange, and is known as "imperial topaz" or "precious topaz".          
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  15ct Sky Blue Topaz - CZ Silver Necklace                     

 SETTING: 14K Gold on STERLING SILVER                               

GEMS: Topaz ( Natural ) 24 ct           

OTHER STONES: AAA CZ                                        


 SHAPE/CUT:  OVAL FACETED                                                            


 CLARITY/GRADE:  VVS                                                                    

TREATMENT :  Heating         

 WEIGHT (CT.): 93.90 ct (total weight of silver + stone)                                    





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