FIRE BLUE MOONSTONE Pendant & Necklace
 FIRE BLUE MOONSTONE Pendant & Necklace
14 ct NATURAL FIRE BLUE MOONSTONE Pendant & Necklace
14 ct NATURAL FIRE BLUE MOONSTONE Pendant & Necklace

14 ct NATURAL FIRE BLUE MOONSTONE Pendant & Necklace

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Its name is owed to the almost magical, bluish-white shimmer it exhibits, which closely resembles that of the moon. Gemologists refer to the shimmering optical phenomena as 'adularescence'.
The most important moonstone deposits are from Sri Lanka and India. Other notable sources include Australia, Brazil, Germany, India, Myanmar (Burma), Madagascar. Colors vary from whitish blue to blue sheen.
Sri Lanka's moonstones with a pale blue sheen on a near-transparent body are considered most valuable.Most are small and the rare large Gems are most valuable.
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                  14 ct FIRE BLUE MOONSTONE 

                          PENDANT & NECKLACE   


      GEM: MOONSTONE Natural 14 ct                                 


       COLOR:  WHITE - BLUE                       

DIMENSIONS:   25.6 x  13.4 mm     ( 1 x .53 in )


CHAIN : 18 or 20  in  Sterling Silver or Yellow Gold

       CLARITY/GRADE:  TRANSPARENT                                            


       TOTAL WEIGHT : 29.25 ct Setting & Gem                                        







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