1 oz Geronimo Gold Select Silver Coin
1 oz Geronimo Gold Select Silver Coin

1 oz Geronimo Gold Select Silver Coin

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1 oz Geronimo Gold Select Silver Coin


 Size: 1 1/2 inch (39mm) Round

Material: 1 oz .999 Silver Proof with Gold Select


Embodying the essence of the Apache warrior spirit, Geronimo was born in 1829 in the arid lands

 of the American southwest.



Renowned as a fearless and resourceful fighter, Geronimo repeatedly frustrated the U.S. Army's 

attempts to corral him, often eluding capture through daring escapes. In a series of battles that 

began in 1885, Geronimo commanded a small force of Apache warriors against 5,000 U.S. troops,

 holding the Army at bay for nearly a year before finally surrendering in 1886.



As the leader of one of the last resistance forces in the American West, Geronimo became the 

living symbol of a civilization and a way of life that were rapidly disappearing from the 

American cultural landscape.



This coin commemorates the indomitable spirit of Geronimo, fearless leader of the Apache nation, 

who persevered against all odds to protect the freedom of his people. 

The obverse features a rendering of Geronimo exhibiting his notoriously piercing stare. 

The reverse features a buffalo, standing inside a dream catcher,

 a Native American cultural icon still in use today.