About Re-sizing Rings

 What You Should Know Before Re-sizing A Ring

Most Jewelers use a High Temperature Torch since gold requires 1200 deg
Why we don't Re-Size rings with torch heat or cold stretching !
When a ring is heated with a torch  it causes the gemstone prongs to loosen 
and causes Stones to fall out eventually. ( even if gems placed in water )
Using a ring stretchers gives you the same result and a weakened Shank. 
Ring stretchers were designed for plain wedding bands for 1 - 2 sizes.
Your Ring Re-sizing Options

You tell us what ring size you want and we will preset it for you !

Quality Natural Gems & Quality ring settings White gold on 925 sterling silver.

 The Best Solution Sure Fit Rings - Quality Rings

Ring Insert Solutions
 Some people place glue inside the ring  or  (buy plastic or metal  inserts called Ring Guards - search Esslinger to purchase) 
We can resize silver rings that have no gold plating to your required size.
For Gold Plated Rings
Adjustable Open shank - All Ring Types
We can do this for any ring - 
We can pre-set the size you want and you can adjust it
as required anytime later.
( Request Open Ring ) Contact US
A very good solution, no obstructions, nothing to purchase and looks natural.
Also can be easily adjusted to change a few sizes later.
Re-sizing by Laser
It works with no damage to prongs but is expensive.