Landeau Loyalty Program

Landeau Loyalty Program 

 The easy way is to send us an email at :

   1- Describe item you want or request 25% discount and we will take care

       of everything for you. If you are placing an order the Bonus Item will

       included with the shipment at no extra cost.

                   A shipping fee applies if you are not placing an order.



   See below how to redeem your free product on your own


                    25% Discount on any Jewelry Item


Earn Points Fast & SAVE $ ( Jewelry Purchases only )


Earn Extra Discounts For Your Loyalty

Earn Points By

1- Purchase :     Get 1 points for each Dollar you spend

2- Create an Account = 10 points

3- Complete Profile = 10 points

4- Refer a Friend = 10 points


                   How to Redeem Your Free Product

Once you have selected an item you checkout as if you were buying it,

insert code, price becomes zero $ and checkout.

A- collect points   B- select your free product  C- view products here

                              D- Get coupon code   E- Checkout

How to redeem your coupon code

Once you have enough points:

1- Click on Check Rewards on Left Side of page 

 2-  After you have selected a product by clicking on a Redeem button, you will see View button with a coupon number; write it down.

If you see a lock it is because you do not have enough points for that item.

How to Checkout and use the coupon code

3- Go to Item selected in store, select more payment options

and insert Coupon code then checkout  View Free Items click here

   and your item will go to Zero $ & Checkout